<추억을 소환 합니다>, 2019, 혼합재료, 가변크기
Summon the Memories, 2019, Mixed media, Dimensions variable

추억을 소환 합니다. (Summon the Memories)

노동식 (ROE Dongsik)

오디오가이드(Audio Guide)


노동식은 1973년 서울 출생으로 경기도를 기반으로 활동하고 있다. 2001년 경원대학교에서 환경조각과 학부를 졸업한 후, 2008년 동대학교에서 석사 과정을 졸업하였다. 《불어라 봄바람(Blow, Spring Breeze)》(2013), 《꿈을 싣고 날아라!(With Dream Fly!)》(2015), 《봄을 秀놓다(Embroider a Spring)》(2017), 《산수유람(Landscape Sightseeing)》(2018), 《봄봄봄(Spring, Spring, Spring)》(2019), 《MCM SS19 루프트 컬렉션 X 노동식(MCM SS19 LUFT Collection X Roe Dongsik)》(2019) 등 수많은 개인전과 그룹전, 콜라보레이션들을 통해 작가의 직간접적인 경험과 상상력이 이끌어낸 세계를 재구성하는 작업을 콘셉트로 한 다양한 설치 작품들을 선보이고 있다.

Roe Dongsik was born in 1973 in Seoul, lives and works in Gyeonggi-do. He has both MA and BA in Environmental Sculpture from Gyungwon University in 2008 and 2001. He has created installations that deal with reconstruction of imaginary worlds derived from direct and indirect experiences through so many solo shows, group shows and collaborative works including; Blow, Spring Breeze(2013), With Dream Fly!(2015), Embroider a Spring(2017), Landscape Sightseeing(2018), Spring, Spring, Spring(2019), MCM SS19 LUFT Collection X Roe Dongsik(2019), etc.

작가 및 작품소개

부산을 기반으로 활동하고 있는 노동식 작가는 “누구나 꿈속에서 간접적으로 겪은 경험이나 생활 속에서 직접적으로 한번쯤 겪어봤을 것 같은 경험과 상상”이라는 언급을 통해 ‘솜’이라는 독특한 재료를 이용하여 자신의 예술적인 근거를 시사하고 있다. 대표적인 작품으로 <불면증>, <램프의 요정 지니>와 같은 작품들은 상징과 은유를 통해 스토리적 측면에서 다양한 상상력을 유발시킬 뿐만 아니라 익숙한 사물들의 시각적 즐거움까지 선사한다. 특히, <민들레> 시리즈 작품의 경우, 공간의 높이와 넓이를 활용하여 작가 특유의 동화적인 맥락과 이상성이 상징되는 틀 안에서 한층 강화되어 진일보한 면모를 엿볼 수 있다.

Roe Dongsik has been developed in two folds. One is about adventurous, forward looking imageries that reflects memories and ideals. The other is about fairy tale like imageries based on diverse imaginations. In his earlier work, he mainly worked with ‘cotton’ to evokes nostalgia for olden days and to touch upon the sensibility lain dormant in us. Watching and being raised by parents who ran a store that fluffs old, cotton stuffed beddings, ‘cotton’ has become the medium that allowed him to sense family love, especially the warmth of his father. Exemplar of the former style of his work include; Puff!(2001) that depicted a scene in which grains are freshly roasted and then puffed blowing off like snow flakes with the shouting sound of ‘puff!’ at a corner of town alley or on a side of traditional market place; and Cough, Cough(2006) that visualized coal briquette heater in the 70s and 80s on which people used to heat the metal lunch boxes or boil water in a kettle to warm air of classroms. He also exhibited works more recently that synthesizes imaginations based on fairy tales; Crisis of Astroboy(2010) in which he used Astroboy as motif, a famous Japanese animation character; and Tell Me Your Wishes(2017) that used motif of genie of lamp from Walt Disney Pictures.

For 2019 Sea Art Festival, Roe introduces Summon the Memories(2019), a recomposition of his Dandelion series including Being a Dandelion Puff(2008) and Dandelion-On a Wind(2011) that portray memories of us who were happy looking and gently blowing dandelion puff ball that grow everywhere countryside in the country. Sculpting each every dandelion puff seed so delicately that look as if it would be blown away in any second on a seed head with LED light fixture, it will create ambience as if each illuminating seed would float in the air Dadaepo Beach. Through this work, the artist send a message of warm gaze toward dull lives of ours and of pursuit to positive thinking toward the reality wishing his work would offer an opportunity for his audience to indulge in reminiscence once has forgotten.